The Government of Aragon, through the Aragonese Institute for women and the General direction of citizen participation, external action and cooperation, promoted in the last quarter of the year 2014 the participatory process to develop the "Strategic Plan for the prevention and eradication of violence against women in Aragon".


Violence against women is the ultimate expression of inequality between men and women. Paying attention to the fundamental rights of women. It is a social scourge that affects the entire population and the foundations of democratic and egalitarian society, so that public authorities must respond effectively and decisively to eradicate it. In this sense, law 2/1993 of 19 February, which created the Instituto Aragonés women's (AMI), includes among its purposes, develop and implement the necessary measures to give effect to the principle of equality of women and men and eliminate any form of discrimination against women in Aragon.




The organic law 1/2004 of 28 December on measures of Integral Protection against gender-based violence, picks up a global response to violence against women by those who are or have been their spouses or who are or have been linked to them by similar affectivity even without cohabitation relationships. For its part, the approval of law 4/2007, of 22 March, prevention and comprehensive protection to women victims of violence in Aragon, is a major legislative boost whereby the Government of Aragon intended to ensure in our territory the provision of certain services and the recognition of certain rights to women victims of violence. In addition, the Aragonese law extends the scope of protection and assistance to women, beyond the legal concept of gender-based violence which is established in the organic law 1/2004, pretending to give a more complete protection and general against any kind of violence that is or may be victim a woman.

In this context, Ami has been working on the wording of the draft of the Strategic Plan for the prevention and eradication of violence against women in Aragon. Given the relevance of the future Plan to comply with the commitment to act against one of the manifestations of inequality, violence that is exercised against women by the fact of being so, the Government of Aragon, through the IAM and the direction General of citizen participation, external action and cooperation, have been designed and invite the Aragonese societyinstitutions and entities to the participatory process that allows you to create a space for debate and reflection on the future document.

The participatory process started on September 4, with the briefing and will have different in-person workshops between 15 and 18 September. In addition a space has opened on-line participation until 20 September.


Video information session presentation