PARTICIPATORY process: Preparation of the rules of participation from UTEBO #RPCUtebo

The participatory process in #RPCUtebo

Utebo City Council has taken the decision to develop a new regulation of citizen participation with the intention of updating the municipal regulation on the subject, incorporating and detailing new tools. With the support of Aragon participates, it has been designed and has already begun a participatory process open to all associations and residents of Utebo interested in debate and bring about a first municipal proposal or draft Regulation (PDF).

This participatory process intended to open a debate on this important municipal policy and facilitate the presentation of the proposed citizens for the future municipal regulation of citizen participation. To this end, several have opened to send contributions and to promote the sharing of perspectives between the neighbors, associations and the municipal administration. In particular, the open channels of participation are the following:

( To) face-to-face participation. The draft regulation will be discussed along three participation workshops that will be held on 19 and 26 February and 4 March in time from 19:30 to 21:30 at the home of the associations from Utebo. Any neighbor or Utebo Association can register via (indicating name, entity that is represented if not they attend particular title, fax and e-mail) or on the phone. 876670120 (from 15 to 20 h.).

( B) participation online. From February 11 to March 9, any neighbour or association you can send their contributions to the draft or draft regulations through the button participate online.

( C) questionnaires. Utebo associations entered in the municipal register will receive by email 6 simple questions about some of the key aspects of the regulation of citizen participation project.

The participatory process was initiated on February 11 with the celebration of a briefing where from Aragon participates explained the process itself, while the Ayuntamiento de Utebo analyzed the content of the draft regulation from citizen participation. The process is currently in the phase of debate that takes place through the different channels of participation mentioned above. Finally, in the return phase, the Town Hall will notice and will justify the decisions taken with respect to contributions received citizen. All documentation generated during this process and other possible information, will gradually be posting on this site.


Video presentation of the briefing