20/07/2015.-El Ayuntamiento de Daroca held on 13 August a meeting with residents of the town with the aim of promoting innovative action in the municipality in the field of citizen participation. The meeting served to discuss some issues of municipal interest, gather the demands and neighborhood suggestions and rating together some of these proposals.



Part-sessions of the City Council of Daroca Salon hosted on 13 August, approximately between 19:00 and 21:30 hours, the first meeting of citizen participation organized by the consistory. In order that residents of Daroca have direct involvement with issues that can affect the town and a space, the City Council raised develop, periodically, different periodic meetings of citizen participation. It would be what in other Spanish cities has come to be called public hearing, the objectives were those of "maintain a direct contact and treat issues, suggestions, proposals, etc." to influence and generate improvements in the day to day issues such as tourism, municipal services, celebrations, aesthetic conditions and cleaning of streets and squares...




To do so, the City Council began calling all the neighbors to this meeting through postal mail, bando and PA system, social networks, etc. In this way, the event, presented and directed by the Mayor Miguel García, told with participation of about 60 people, among neighbors to individual and public offices in the town. In addition, technician "Aragon participates", Department of citizenship and social rights of the Government of Aragon, accompanied the agent of development local of the region and technical support of the City Council in these matters, to obtain first-hand information on the development of these meetings.



With a short initial presentation by the Mayor, who addressed some key issues of municipal management, opened a word turn to neighbors. Initially, took the floor reinforcement brigades of forest fires (BRIF) workers based in the municipality, exposed their labor demands and read a manifesto on the subject. The political groups present in City Hall expressed their support for the workers of the BRIF, agreed to formalize in the House support the aforementioned protest manifesto and, in turn, raise this measure to the Comarca Campo de Daroca.



After that, many of the neighbors were presenting openly numerous and different demands that were addressed by the mayor or other neighbors present. Topics, include the open debate on a possible change of date in the festivities of the Corpus, or other matters as of arrangements in the plaza of the schoolboy, from the path of the walls, mine, the bullring, the maintenance of public spaces or a review of the General Plan of urban development and the historical old town , which will provide for new initiatives for participation. Also replicas of the attendees discussed and explained efforts municipal on other issues such as the opening of the municipal swimming pool, the fate of the provincial subsidies or forms of management and games budget provided for in terms of street lighting in the town.



From City Hall, expressed willingness to meet those demands neighborhood that might be workable while it is called to attend an upcoming meeting in which return to report the efforts and actions that have failed to start again. That next meeting, yet to convene, expected to perform between December and January, looking for a date in which the maximum number of citizens can participate.