The Government of Aragon, through Instituto Aragonés social services (IASS) and with the support of the General direction of citizen participation, external action and cooperation, initiated a participatory process to prepare the 3rd PLAN of INCLUSION and coexistence INTERCULTURAL in Aragon 2014-2016.

The autonomous community has thus shared competition which, by virtue of article 75.6 of our statute of autonomy, assumes in the field of "policies of integration of immigrants, in particular, the establishment of the necessary measures for adequate social, labour and economic integration".In addition, and within the guiding principles of public policy, article 29 of the statute establishes that "of Aragon public authorities promote the policies needed for the socio-economic integration of persons immigrants, the effectiveness of their rights and duties, their integration into the educational world and the participation in public life".Finally, and in the framework of this participatory process, article 15.3 commands to the Aragonese public authorities promote "social participation in the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of policies, as well as the participation individually and collectively in the fields civic, political, cultural and economic".



The process for developing this Plan III will be based on the usual methodology of participatory processes, with an informative phase, a deliberative and a return. The draft Plan document is based on the input received in the process of evaluation of the Plan II, demographics and data present situation of immigration in Aragon, as well as the ideas and input received from the addresses General Government of Aragon more concerned in the field of immigration. Thus, the initial work material may enrich certain aspects in the deliberative workshops of theme type of face to develop a viable and realistic III PLAN of INCLUSION and coexistence INTERCULTURAL. A document whose actions have been distributed into six areas and will focus on three to be worked in working groups and workshops of the process.

This participatory process 70 bodies have been invited: administrations, institutions, social organizations, immigrant associations, part - some of them - the Immigration Forum in Aragon. The process starts and held during the month of June and will be with possibility to make contributions online website Aragon participates from June 19 to July 7. Finally, the process will end with the meeting of return expected for the month of September of this year 2014.


Video information session presentation