Throughout the year 2013, the Government of Aragon, through the General direction of spatial planning, has been progressing in the writing of the first draft of the strategy of spatial development of Aragon (EOTA), in accordance with the provisions of law 4/2009 of 22 June, of management of the territory of Aragón (LOTA). The EOTA has to be the instrument of territorial planning that allows you to design, from a strategic perspective and in close collaboration with agents that Act on the territory, the model's use and transformation of the Aragonese territory in the short, medium and long term (Aragon 2025).

The main objective is to establish guidelines (strategies and standards) for territorial agents, which promote our autonomous community in a balanced and sustainable territorial development. I.e., the improvement of all those factors that shape the quality of life of the inhabitants of a territory and dependent, directly or indirectly, of the characteristics of the territory in which they live (territorial factors of development), taking into account a series of factors that can limit or enhance this development.

Through the General directions of citizen participation, external action and cooperation, and management of the territory of the Government of Aragon, a participatory process has been designed in which institutions, economic and social agents, social entities, professional associations, universities and other organisations, will debate in order to enrich their perspectives and proposals the territorial model proposed in the current draft of the strategy of spatial development of Aragon.

Through the space of participation online, open in this Portal, from March 24 to May 26, 2014, any person or entity could transfer their contributions on the basis of each of the 20 general objectives set out in the territorial model of the EOTA. At the end of the period, received contributions are assessing to respond in the next session of return and publish in this space a response document.

In addition, participation workshops focused on the current draft of the territorial model which includes 20 goals and 112 specific objectives as well as the strategies for action for each of these objectives. These workshops, which make up the phase of  deliberation of the participatory process, were structured according to the objectives that determine the structure of document strategies and standards of the Territorial model of the EOTA:

-Regional workshops (in Huesca, Zaragoza and Teruel) No. 1, 2 and 3, abarcardo have the following aspects: System of settlements, homogeneous and functional spaces, regional balance and demographic balance.

-Workshop No. 4 plenary, in Zaragoza, recapitulation of relative contributions a: System of settlements, homogeneous and functional spaces, regional balance and demographic balance.

-Workshop No. 5 and 6 (groups A and B) which has done: economic activity, accommodation, facilities and services, mobility and accessibility, vital stage and territorial heritage, human resources and natural and induced risks.

-Workshops no. 7 and 8 (groups A and B) which has done: sustainability - environmental compatibility, sustainability - economic viability, sustainability - social cohesion, natural resources, natural resource - efficient management of water resources, natural resources - efficient management of energy resources, infrastructure, governance and governance-legal regime.

All participants in the process will be conveniently called a last session of return since the direction General of management of the territory of the Government of Aragon will realize the decisions taken with respect to the EOTA and contributions collected throughout the process of citizen participation. The participatory process exposed, in accordance with the commitments entered into by the Directorates-General involved, has been designed seeking to generate a space of information, debate and reflection with the main entities involved about the future strategy of spatial development of Aragon.


Video presentation of the briefing



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