VII meeting on child participation in ARAGON: weaving networks...


This 7th meeting to which you are invited to continue the steps taken in Aragon in the area of child participation and adolescent, from the common horizon that the Convention of rights of the child makes us share the administrations, the social initiative and citizenship, to society as a whole. Each year we keep this meeting point, as a stimulus and a reference to continue sharing, promoting and encouraging in Aragon... the right to participation of children and adolescents. In 2014 held the 25 years of the Convention on the rights of the child, so in addition to celebrate it... we will reflect on their work, share experience and continue weaving strong networks in favour of the child and adolescent participation.


The last weekends we pursue with these meetings, are from the first:


  • The greatest possible development of child and adolescent participation from a rights approach.
  • The empowerment of children, the generation of positive synergies and the incorporation of this type of participation in the construction of public policies.


The General direction of citizen participation, external action and cooperation is responsible for promoting the measures of the comprehensive Plan of childhood and Adolescence of Aragon (PIIAA) 2010-2014, concerning participation citizen child and adolescent.






  1. Enable a participatory meeting, knowledge and reflection space for progress in child and adolescent participation in Aragon.
  2. Reflect on the importance of the child in the environment, participation on the rights and responsibilities that entails, and the social dimension of the same.
  3. Share knowledge, perspectives, strategies and practical initiatives that are being developed from the area local, regional and community envelope child and adolescent participation.
  4. Reflect on the progress and actions carried out in the past five years in Aragon... and identify the main challenges to achieve.