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By order of 25 June 2009, by the Minister of Presidency, established the regulatory basis for the granting of subsidies to the formation of participation civic and democratic innovation at the local level, and the call was made for the year 2009.
The objective of this call was to improve the capacity of intervention and local leaders proposed to facilitate citizen participation in the design and implementation of public policies. Understand the concepts of citizen participation, internalize the participatory instruments that recognize the current legal system and analysis of its improvement as well as viewing technical tools and developed experiences, become as fundamental elements for the definition and implementation of local policies that promote the participation of citizens in the construction of the public.
The city of Torrecilla de Alcañiz, as beneficiary, within the general objective of enhancing intervention and proposal of the technical, political and citizenship mediane understanding of the extent of citizen participation, said different activities with the purpose of elaborating a draft of municipal regulation of citizen participation:
-An introductory workshop on citizen participation
-A training session on tools of participation for local entities