asistentes3Between the months of May and June 2009, a group of experts convened by the directorate general of citizen participation of the Government of Aragon met in different sessions to work on the possibility of developing a specific legislation in the Aragon area. At the end of June, the table prepared a first document of contributions which aims to help define the normative framework on citizen participation in Aragon. The work of these sessions, participants reelaborarán proposals and with them shall be drawn up a draft of regulatory model.



The Panel of experts held its first meeting on May 19, 2009. During two sessions, 1June 8 and June 19, continued his work in group. The last joint session was on June 30, 2009. Information of each one of the meetings is in the related documentation.


The components of the Panel of experts, who come both Aragon and the whole of the State are:


Ignacio Revillo, general technical Secretary of the Presidency of the Government of Aragon.

Enrique Álvarez, Professor of constitutional law at the University Juan Carlos.

Joan Subirats, Professor of science policy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

José Tudela, legal courts and Secretary General of the Foundation Giménez Abad.

Clemente Navarro, Professor of Sociology of the University Pablo Olavide of Sevilla.

Gerardo García, Professor of administrative law of the University of Zaragoza.

Rosary Tur, Professor of law constitutional of the University Miguel Hernández of Elche.

Eva Sáenz, Professor of constitutional law at the University of Zaragoza.

Fernando Pindado, Deputy Director-general of the direction General of participation citizen of the Generalitat de Catalunya.



dscn0080Experts have addressed issues such as:

• José Tudela: Parliament and legislation in the field of citizen participation policy.

• Gerardo García: administrative law and participation.

• Eva Sáenz: citizen participation in the development of the law.

• Enrique Álvarez: popular consultations.

• Rosary Tur: participation citizen. Chance, necessity, and essence of its legal regulation.

• Clemente Navarro: citizen participation in the municipalities.



The Government of Aragon intended that, before the end of the legislature, there is a tool that conducive to the participation of citizens in the construction of public policies and ensure this right. For this reason direction General of citizen participation, which depends on the Department of Presidency, has called on several occasions to this group of experts so in different work sessions develop an initial document that will help to define the regulatory framework on participation in Aragon.



rosario_eva_gerardo"However, this work is wants to develop orderly, plural and rigorous, carefully analyzing all possibilities and models that have appeared in the various autonomous communities, with different points of view and taking into account the opinion of the most important experts in the field", remarked the general director of citizen participation, Nacho Celaya.