The course of citizen participation, led to the associative fabric of the Cinca Medio region, held on 26 March, 2 and 9 of April, 2014, at the Civic Center Miguel Lemus, in Monzón. This formative action is part of the commitment of the region Cinca Middle promote training programmes to promote the culture of participation and associative fabric active, responsible and involved in public affairs.


Citizen participation needs rigour and method, as well as listening to the citizens must learn to work with methodologies that facilitate consensus and deliberation as a preferred way of making decisions. Therefore, the objective of this course which was attended by 23 representatives of associations from the region, was the show tools and resources to develop and promote participative practices driven from public administrations both in the internal environment of an association.

This course was the product of the commitment made in the rules of participation citizen of the region of the Cinca mid approved in September 2013. Articles 41 and 42 establishes the commitment to carry out actions training and awareness in order to promote and encourage citizen participation. Aware that training in new methods of participation can be one of the ways that promote solidarity and democratic citizens, Aragon participates in values and the participation of the Cinca Medio region area returned to collaborate in the development of this course that sought to provide useful tools for the associations of the territory. Treated and worked during the course content include:


  • First session: the challenges of citizen participation in the construction of local public policies


The why and what of citizen participation?; Participation and democratic system.; Concept of governance; Models of citizen participation (Advisory, deliberative, co-management...); Participatory experiences in Aragon; Legal context - politician of citizen engagement in the region: the regulation of participation citizen of the region of the Cinca middle.


Case study with the objective de: Know the concept of citizen participation from the understanding of other terms related to it.


Diagnostic workshop: assessment of citizen participation in the local area.


  • Second session: how to participate in local affairs? Ways and instruments of citizen participation. Development of diagnostics and plans of participation, rules, processes, organs, etc.; the dynamisation of processes; actors; requirements for participation: love, power, know; Regional bodies for citizen participation.


Case study. Activity 'Myths about participation' with the aim of understanding the basic and inspiring principles of the title III right of participation of the regulations of participation citizen of the Cinca Medio region.


Workshop of deliberation: regional proposals in citizen participation. The Council of participation citizen of the region, establishment and functioning. Dynamics of "The Vital cycle of the Council". Through a timeline, each of the groups was working the items more important in the establishment and functioning of the Council (persons, times, meetings...).Proposals on the basis of four areas were recorded.How?,.When?.Where? and.About?



  • Third session: the associations as a channel for citizen participation. Relations with public administrations. The role of associations in the promotion of participation; Administration and associations. Experiences of collaboration; resources to encourage participation within the associations (Strategic Plan, participatory Agenda, forums, etc.); self-diagnostic tool of self knowledge for the improvement of the efficiency of participation in management.


Case study: activity 'successful experiences in Aragon of citizen participation that have arisen from the associations'.


Workshop of self-analysis: notions of making owned the auto-diagnostic / strategic plan of the Association. Divided by subject areas (educational, cultural, sports, etc.), different groups will work in all three phases of the workshop: first phase) diagnosis; Second phase) Strategic Plan; Third phase) evaluation indicators. He was a handy dossier explanatory as carry out three phases in each of the associations. During the workshop practice were working the various phases in the realization of the diagnosis and the Strategic Plan of the Association, seeking among the participating solutions to the different problems that were identifying their association and so jointly mark evaluation indicators.



The course addressed preferably representatives or members of associations, social agents of la Cinca Medio region, extending to all those entities and citizens to title individual stakeholders. And the objectives were to: form in the exercise of the right to participation; Provide tools for the improvement of the internal participation of associations; gather ideas and opinions of the citizens of the region for the improvement of participation in local public policies; learn strategies and resources to carry out a self-assessment of the internal workings of the associations








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