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In 2009, the region Andorra-Sierra de Arcos, under cover of the call of the General direction of citizen participation support, organized a training day by way of introduction to the topic of citizen participation. The result of that course was satisfactory and evaluation that was made at the end of the day valued very positively the initiative.


That is why, in 2010, the region has decided to continue working along these lines, to consider fundamental training of technicians, politicians and citizens. On this occasion, the training course has been over three days, using a practical methodology. The sessions have the following objectives:

-Establish the theoretical concepts discussed in the course of 2009

-Expose practical examples of different ways of participating, always looking for the direct relation with the situation in the region.

-Learn, through successful experiences, the ins and outs of a participatory process.

-Provide appropriate methodological tools to be able to lead an internal session of the Forum of agenda 21.

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