The summer course, held on 3, 4 and 5 July at the headquarters of the UNED Barbastro, was intended to reflect on the need to improve the quality of democracy in Spain, as well as innovative experiences at regional and local level. Forty people attended the course, which featured lectures and lessons in charge of prominent jurists, political scientists and experts in the field, as well as representatives of parliamentary, political and technical.

Within its programme of activities, the General direction of citizen participation, external action and cooperation, in collaboration with UNED Barbastro and the Fundación Manuel Giménez Abad, organized the summer course "democracy, citizenship and governance. Democratic regeneration in a context of crisis".


The aim of the course was to reflect on the need to improve the quality of democracy in Spain. Good governance, the role of Parliament, the reform of the public administration and the principle of openness of the public authorities, are some of the debates that deserve a thorough analysis to respond to the challenges posed by our democracy. As noted from the Organization of the course, the need to enhance the democratic quality of our institutional system occupies a privileged place in the current political and legal agenda. In a context of deep political disaffection, it is necessary to reformulate the classical pillars of the institutional functioning. From this premise, the design of a profound change in the principles and values of the Organization and functioning of public authorities, constitutes one of the great challenges of the 21st century democracy.


The inauguration was attended by Blanca Solans, General Director of citizen participation, external action and cooperation of the Government of Aragon; José Tudela, référendaire at the courts of Aragon and Secretary General of the Foundation Giménez Abad; and César Colino, Professor of the Department of political science and administration at the UNED.