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October 21, 2008, to commemorate the first year of life of the General direction of citizen participation, took place in the room of the Crown of the Pignatelli building a day of reflection with the title The citizen participation in the field of the Government of Aragon. An act which purported to present the commitment of the Government to a more deliberative democracy, and that involves citizens in the construction of public policies. The Conference was presided over by the President of the Government of Aragon, Marcelino Iglesias, accompanied by Minister of Presidency, Javier Velasco. Social and political representatives attended, in a crowded room, to a day of undoubted significance in the young history of the General direction of citizen participation.



The President of Aragon, Marcelino Iglesias, he reaffirmed the commitment of the Government of Aragon to enhance citizen participation processes from the regional administration to face successfully the challenges of the autonomous community. It is of "a bet by innovate, reinforce democratic quality and search among all how face the common future", remarked.


President Iglesias said that at present it cannot rule "without the collaboration, the voices and the complicity of citizens and their organizations". "They impose," he added, "new types of action and reflection, impose new areas of participation". "We need the voices of all to take more effective and appropriate decisions."


In this regard, he recalled that the debate on the water in Aragon "has drawn us road. We have 00676792 demonstrated to ourselves that it is possible to generate stable spaces for dialogue. We can confront legitimate interests to reach agreements that satisfy the interests of all parties".


Churches also praised the "extremely enriching and effective" experience of the first year of operation of the direction General of citizen participation, whose birth is a consequence of the development of the newly renovated Statute of autonomy of Aragon which incorporated into chapter I, between the rights and duties of the Aragonese, 15(1), dedicated to the resale right. The launch of the Directorate-General is an initiative innovative throughout the State involving a transversality essential to address this challenge, said Iglesias. "We have to deepen democracy. "It is necessary for us to demonstrate to the citizens that we must work together, listening to their proposals, explaining our positions and working to define and build all the general interest".


The new direction General of citizen participation is an unprecedented initiative in Aragon and made it possible to channel the participation of different collective social developing initiatives of the importance of the law service social, the Director Plan of cooperation to the development or the Integral Plan for immigration.



Marcelino Iglesias



«Today cannot rule without the collaboration,

the voices and the complicity of citizens and their organizations»

The President, Marcelino Iglesias, began formulating

this significant commitment policy.


«We recognize the conflict and want to use the deep roots of the»

democracy to become more potent engine of change, in

What helps us recognize that, although different, have

build collective projects»

In addition, he highlighted the creation of the General direction of participation

Citizen as an innovative initiative and necessarily transverse character.


The President of the Government of Aragon, Marcelino Iglesias interventions: Audio1, Audio2.


Javier Velasco



«The challenge is to deepen the quality of our democracy and the»

retrieve the transformative power of society policy»

Javier Velasco stressed the importance with these two needs and

the meaning of the Act. As head of the Department that relies on

Direction General of citizen participation, thanked all

assistance and presented this day.



The Mission of the Directorate-General


00676800It was to the Director General of citizen participation, Nacho Celaya, talk about the mission, objectives and lines of work of the Directorate-General. Based on a diagnosis of the quality of our democracy and the growing disaffection of the citizens towards the policy, he pointed out that it is in this context where it connects the Mission of the Directorate-General, its major objectives and challenges. For this, he commented what is and what is not citizen participation and their deeper whys.




Two rapporteurs of recognized prestige, Daniel Innerarity, Professor of philosophy at the University of Zaragoza, and Joan Subirats, Professor of political sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, spoke respectively on: retrieve the policy as a transformative force of society, and new governance and citizen participation.


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