Ms. Isabel Cebrián Alós
Director General of Citizen Participation,

External Action and Cooperation



Promoting citizen participation in public affairs is a fundamental pillar in advanced democracies. The emergence of increasingly complex societies requires boosting mechanisms of democratic innovation, polyhedral to current realities, promote a change of values ​​in the organization and conduct of public authorities.


The triumph and preeminence of representative democracy and the development of its institutions have not avoided the need to confront their limits, opening it to other forms of participation, complementarily, enrich the democratic system and reaffirm its foundations. You need to configure deepening democratic processes that allow governments to have the voices and opinions of citizens in the formulation of public policies. It is ultimately to promote the principle of openness as a prerequisite to improve the quality of our democracy.


Since the White Paper on European Governance 2001 gathered recommendations aimed at deepening democracy and increase the legitimacy of institutions. In essence, advocated the opening of public decisions to citizen participation, understanding that is necessary to overcome the exclusivity of the public authorities in the management of public affairs and recognize the plurality of social agents able to intervene.


Also our constitutional block calls for the promotion of citizen participation. This is recognized by the Spanish Constitution in Articles 9.2 and 23.1, in the framework of an advanced democratic society, and the Statute of Autonomy of last generation, who have declared categorically to recognize the right to good administration incorporating therein the principle of transparency and promoting citizen participation. In this line, the Statute of Autonomy of Aragon of 2007 proclaims the obligation of public authorities to promote social participation in the development, implementation and evaluation of public policies and individual and collective participation in the civic, political, cultural and economic (Article 15.3).


In this context, the Government of Aragon assumed the challenge of promoting a policy of democratic innovation, understanding that greater participation, complement and improve the representative system, promotes social responsibility, enriches public decisions to integrate all the wealth of knowledge and experiences of citizenship, and improves the efficiency of public action enabling a more appropriate policies to the needs and social demands.


The Directorate General of Citizen Participation, Foreign and Cooperation Action under the Department of Presidency and Justice, is responsible for designing and managing this strategy. Its mission is to foster greater involvement and participation of citizens in the construction and evaluation of public policies and promote a strategy, global and transverse project encompasses all departments of the regional government.



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